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Moore was right, it's all about Fear.

I had a dream last night that an older Bobby Hill (from King of the Hill, but not animated) was my roomate and the FBI and DEA came with dogs and searched our house for drugs. They found a bong and some other stuff in Bobby's room but since it was a first offense he talked them into just giving him a warning. I had a few roaches that someone else left in my room in an ashtray (my real room doesn't even have an ashtray) that I quickly hid in my closet and I was so worried throughout the whole dream that the dogs would surely be able to smell them out but somehow they didn't.

Maybe the images of cops en masse swarming down on a house was a premonition of today's events in St. Louis.

First Hothouse in Chicago, then IMC in Urbana, now Bolozone in St. Louis. All in one week. I keep telling myself over and over again that this is all legitimate coincidence and not conspiracy but if this happens again I'm gonna start to freak.

So here's the thing. I don't think this is a conspiracy of the political sort. I think this is a non-conspiracy of fear.

I think that local policies everywhere are being driven by fear and to appease fear. If a government invents a good story about how dangerous a place is and how the government valiantly stepped in to protect the populace from this imminent threat is a great way to appease people. Sure we aren't building bike lanes to protect cyclists from insane drivers, sure we aren't shutting down the real death trap bars like Kams, sure we aren't addressing vital health care, environmental, public education, and public housing issues but those things are HARD! But look look, your kids were going to DIE at the IMC and besides they don't have enough bathrooms!!! Look what we did for the community, we shut those miscreants down! Aren't we fine! Vote for us please. And don't forget you need to ALWAYS be afraid because next month we'll think of some new potential disaster that you never thought of and we'll save you from it. We promise.

It's the war on terrorism writ small. It's a preemptive strike against an invented foe justified by an actual tragedy. Lots of people died in Rhode Island. What was the lesson there? Don't let Great White have pyrotechnics on your stage! The lesson was not "we'd better shut down all the all ages venues in our towns so that kids have to go to unsupervised keggers to get their music fix."

Safety is extremely important and I want nothing more than to know that the venues I help operate are safe. But when the enforcement of safety standards are so completely arbitrary I have to wonder how safe I ever really am. How much does my local government really care about me and my community?

What the fuck do they think they are doing?

Do you know how one of the side effects of marijuana is supposed to be paranoia? Did you know that in countries that don't massively criminalize marijuana use (e.g. Holland) this side effect does not exist. Pot induced paranoia is an entirely psychological manifestation of the state-created fear of getting caught and busted. It isn't a drug effect. It is an association.
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