Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Ego Blast

There's this meme that's a-brewin' in our local community where everyone makes a completely self-congratulatory post. So here, I can tell you without ego, is why I am awesome:

There are some things that I'm really very good at and they all involve creativity and creative problem solving. When I'm focused and inspired, I am a very good organizer. When I'm focused and inspired I am a very good writer. When I'm focused and inspired I am a very good programmer. When I am focused and inspired I can cook deliciously foods. I throw good parties. Collage work (visual, sonic, or culinary) gives me a special joy. I approach many activities with a Zen-like single-minded meditation in motion approach.

I really deeply care about the people around me. Understanding how and what people think is highly important to me. Taking care of my friends and community is highly important to me. Living a sustainable, pacifist, caring, nurturing, loving life is highly important to me. All these things that are important to me: I believe I am achieving them pretty damned well.

For my entire life, I expect to be able to count the number of people that I have such bad feelings for that I have put them out of my life and will not take them back on the fingers of one hand. The number of people that I have a real loving, trusting, open connection with is larger than I can conceive of in a single sitting and ever growing.

For the first time in many years, I am getting enough sleep. I am not overworking myself. I am slowly catching up on my many huge backlogs. I am taking care of myself and I believe that I will only get better at this as the backlogs subside.

I am able to resolutely stand up for my desire to not have animals in the house no matter how much my roomates whine about it.

Though I strive to be empathic and to minimize ego, I am not a doormat.

I can be a good teacher.

I am, slowly but surely, building a folk music scene in this town.

I am an active part of an international movement for radical progressive community oriented social and political change.

My friends trust and respect me and welcome me into their lives as I do them.

I am winning the daily struggle to fight the culture of fear.

Though I am single now, it is largely by choice and I am aware that, historically, people that I am attracted to have been attracted to me and when the time is right, despite any misgivings I have about my ability to attract, it'll all work out. I shall smooch again!

I'm a fearless goofball. I say whatever I am thinking. I am a nerd. I am a geek. I am fashionless. I jump off of cliffs and build my wings on the way down. I bullshit really well.
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