Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Dreaming of Homophobia

I dreamt that I was walking down a dark ally with a friend just shooting the shit. I happened to mention to her, as part of a longer conversation, that I once kissed a guy for $2 (*). As I said this this big tough guy with lots of badass tattoos comes walking down the street towards us. He overhears nothing from our conversation except "I once kissed a guy for $2" and he suddenly gets hyper-aggressive with us. He's clearly trying to pick a fight, he clearly wants to beat the snot out of me.

I try to smooth the moment over by being humble and telling him I meant no offense and I extend my hand to shake his. He freaks out about the fact that I "tried to touch him" as if the touch of this theoretical "gay prostitute" was going to infect him with cooties. He starts throwing punches (apparently fists are immune in a way that a handshake is not) and I start blocking but not fighting back. It is a surprise to me in the dream but I turn out to be really good at blocking punches. As we are sparring like this I am working up my pacifist resolve and let him know about it. No matter how much damage he does to me I will not fight back, all responsibility will lay upon him. I screw up the courage to take a hit if one gets through because I know one will.

Then out of no where someone grabs me from behind and puts a gun to my head and cocks it, my friend and I scream, I feel a moment of debilitating fear and then I wake up.

* I've told this story at least twice in the last couple of days which is probably why it was on my dream mind: At Grrrlfest, the male guitar player of one of the bands said that we could get $2 off of their CD if we gave him a kiss (he of course said this to a predominantly female crowd since it was Grrrlfest). He didn't expect anyone to take him up on it, but at the end of the show there was a small line of boys and girls wanting to buy the CD for $2 off. He was pretty embarrassed so we all gave him pecks on the cheek and paid full price anyway.
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