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(since everybody and their nephew's friend has filled one out recently)
also i stole this from jerry/faith/zoe

opening credits:
"No Movie" - Funky Butt Drum Club

waking-up scene:
"Cuban Connections" - Outback

average-day scene:
"Illegal Smile" - John Prine

best-friend scene:
"Big Time" - Peter Gabriel

first-date scene:
"We Like Girls" - Brak

falling-in-love scene:
"The Stranger" - Melissa Ferrick

love scene:
"Drive" - Melissa Ferrick

fight-with-friend scene:
"Two Little Girls" - Ani DiFranco

break up scene:
"Richest One" - Toni Price

get-back-together scene:
"I Never Cared for You" - Willie Nelson

fights-at-home scene:
"Why'd Ya Do It?" - Marianne Faithfull

'life's okay' scene:
"Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down" - Eric Bibb

heartbreak scene:
"Wake Up in the Morning Blues" - Alice DiMicele

mental-breakdown scene:
"Wax On" - Kodo/Kasz and David Beal

driving scene:
"Shepherd's March/Maggie Cameron" - Richard Thompson

lesson-learning scene:
"Wise Old Woman" - Alice DiMicele

deep-thought scene:
"Deeper Well" - Emmylou Harris

flashback scene:
"Time" - Pink Floyd

party scene:
"Burning Down the House" - Talking Heads

regret scene:
"Oh Lord" - Brian Webb

happy-dance song:
"Ugros (Springtime)" - Boiled in Lead

long-night-alone scene:
"A Sheep Out on the Foam" - John Lee Hooker

closing credits:
"Long as I Can See the Light" - Ted Hawkins
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