Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Diebold Crushing Free Speech - Indymedia Fights Back

So Diebold, the folks who make the proprietary voting machines that are being shown over and over again to be horribly flawed (probably purposely so), has been issuing cease and desist letters to ISPs and content providers all over the net to take down copies of and links to leaked documents that may provide evidence to Diebold's awareness of the flaws in their system.

The ISP of one indymedia center is fighting back with the EFF.

Here's the text of the Indymedia article that Diebold tried to have taken down (simply for linking to the memos and PDF files of a book containing the leaked memos which are now available all over the net).

This set of emails has been posted all over the place and shut down all over the place. Webmasters - especially those out of the reach of the DMCA - are encouraged to take a full copy of the memos at the above link.

For background.... the following summary was posed on DU when the Italian set of files was posted...

"In the support link, check out October 2001 for the "alter the audit log in Access" memo, April 2000 for memos that refer to transmitting vote data from optical scan machines by cell phone, April 2002 for a Tab Iredale (senior programmer) memo that urges folks to avoid getting Windows CE certified by anyone, and January 2001 for a memo from Ken Clark (principal engineer) talking about how pointless it is to attempt a recount on a touch screen.

Then, bear in mind that GEMS programs 1.11.14 and 1.17.17 are certified -- and check out how many times they are installing 1.14.xx and 1.15.xx series and using them in elections! (Totally illegal: what this means is the software used in these elections was never looked at by ANYONE except a handful of programmers in Canada.) Pretty much throws the whole certification and testing argument out the window.

There are a few "gems" (pardon the pun) about blaming problems on the customer; one where they find that they upgraded software for the optical scan and now it won't work on some optical scan machines in Virginia. They discuss giving them new optical scans, but decide to instead find a way to blame it on the customer and make them pay for new machines.

Also look for one in Colorado Springs (El Paso County Colorado) where they discuss the fact that they can't pick up a check until they do a demo of what they sold, but they don't have software that does what they sold, so they discuss a way to fake the demo, mentioning they've faked it before...

Boring reading, but productive for anyone who wants to head directly into your attorney general's office and demand that we put a stop to using Diebold optical scan and touch screens."

This Dielbold stuff and the theft of democracy by a bunch of big money corporations making faulty, proprietary, unverifiable voting machines ought to be the biggest story ever. Hanging chads are a mere distraction compared to this.
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