Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Kids, Road Rage is not cool.

So we had an enjoyable evening watching Kill Bill for the second time tonight with friends. And then on the ride home, for no reason, being in no hurray at all, driving a mere 3 miles, our driver went into a mad road rage and started driving like an asshole and threatening (verbally and physically) other drivers. The roads were flooded with drunken inexperienced drivers due to the local high school homecoming and the odds were very high that someone would have done something really stupid and we would have ended up in an accident.

This is the third time that this driver has put my life in danger by driving recklessly and I will never ride in a car that he is driving again. I don't care if he's a really good driver or a normally really nice guy, he was a fucking psychotic tonight. I'll walk, thank you.

I can't believe how much an adrenaline rush like that does to frazzle ones nerves. I came in the house and I was SO on edge. I cranked up the new Patty Griffin album super loud and drank some of herbivorous's Relaxing Tea and lit a TON of candles in a dark room and just chilled. Then I played some Awari with Tony and now I feel much more calm (and exhausted) and ready to sleep.
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