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The Longest Weekend - Narrative, Confession, Introspection - The Life and Thoughts of Zach — LiveJournal

Oct. 16th, 2003

03:19 am - The Longest Weekend - Narrative, Confession, Introspection

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Date:October 16th, 2003 10:44 am (UTC)
'Too Much Light' is an organization completely devoid of artistic ethics.

My friend Alex auditioned with them a year or so back, and was liked enough to get a call-back. On the call-back he had to bring a short sketch of his own, seeing as how thats how the group operates. So he goes, does his piece, everyone likes it, but they don't accept him into the group. Tough luck, but they are still being buddy-buddy with him.

Until he shows up to one of their performances to find that they're performing his piece - without his acknowledgement, permission, or even offering him credit for writing it. If thats not shady I don't know what is.
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Date:October 16th, 2003 11:38 am (UTC)
That is pretty sad.

One of those guys from TML ate at our house and slept on our couch. He was really nice. I hope he didn't infect everything. Also a friend of mine was roomates with the house manager for the show.


They're still pretty awesome. Awesome theiving fuckers.

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