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Dreams of Items Out of Place - The Life and Thoughts of Zach — LiveJournal

Sep. 21st, 2010

09:55 am - Dreams of Items Out of Place

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Last night I dreamed I was taking shelter from a hurricane in a car with a bunch of nameless dream extra friends and the winds basically started pushing our car around along with those of everyone else around. Totally out of control we crashed into another car. And I was left wondering what the protocol was with insurance reporting? Were we "at fault" because it was our car, even though we weren't in control? Should we call the police and file a report? In the middle of the storm?

Later, after the storm had subsided, I was helping some people install a homemade antenna array. This antenna was odd in that it was a series of wires that went up and down long poles and then got tied to stakes in the ground. It was like a mix between sailing rigging and long wave antenna design. And to complete the metaphor, the final step was to attach taught canvas between the wires. As I was tying up the canvas, pulling it very very tight, the metal take across the way from me kept pulling out of the ground from the tension, so there was a bizarre comedy as various helpers pushed stakes back in and other ones came out. It led me to think there were perhaps serious design flaws in this antenna, whose plan was this anyway? Maybe it made more sense in a different region/climate where the ground had different characteristics. How would these "sails" hold up in another hurricane anyway?

Then someone commented about a special kind of cloud you could see after a storm. And we looked up and there it was. It was shaped like some kind of abstract lizard or gecko or something and just just slid around the sky in zigzags and loops and we ran around the yard chasing after it trying to get a better view.

Then I woke up and it was VERY windy.

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