Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Game Show Dream

This morning's dream, as transcribed by Duck:

Group therapy in a large room full of people. Take turns. You can stop when the woman behind the curtain has solved your problem. She uses a voice changer and claims to be highly intuitive. If you opt out you get $200 to solve your problems elsewhere. I'm really insanely nervous and skeptical. At each stage the person whose turn it is asks a question and gets a "prize" from a locker.

My first prizes had to do with order and conformity. Maybe Army toys. I barely had my voice but I wanted to scream out at the "therapist" accusing her first of being in the pay of the US Army, a sneaky recruiter getting a cut, and second at being a Xian brainwasher. How else account for all te prizes (the therapy is free) and why doesn't she show herself. Also, at this stage I assumed she was a man because of the voice changer.

So I croak all this out in my weak voice, barely audible, overwhelmed with rage at being manipulated. She come out the door and reveals herself. Stopping the whole sessino and assuring me and all that she was legit, and really knew what was what. I was too embarrassed and angry to continue and I left. After I left I had two problems. I forgot to claim my prizes (how was I going to carry them all anyway?) and I hadn't seen my parents (who also came) since I entered the room. But, prideful, I couldn't go back in. I wandered around the outer chambers of the complex. There were some people claiming prizes. I was told mine would all be in the new car I'd won which was waiting downstairs. Some other people there were clearly just "milking the system", answering the first couple stages of questions (insincerely) then leaving with quikk loot. I was mad at them since I had lowered some barriers and then got stung. I could tell they thought I was some yuppie idiot for buying into the thing, I wanted to tell them about my skepticisms but then the act of being skeptical rather than apathetic was itself a form of "buying it" on a deeper level. These guys weren't skeptics or cynics they just didn't care, didn't even occupy a universe of believing. They just gamed the system. Anyway there was a dance between them and the prize claim guy, a wink-wink nudge-nudge where they pretended to have been healed or saved or whatever. The guy knew what they were up to but didn't care because he wanted them to come back (maybe thinking it'd do them good in the long run).

I went to find my new car and learned that they just make a down payment and set up the loan (if you qualify), then don't buy the whole car for you. Sitting in the driver's seat, being asked credit questions, with a back seat of random loot (chocolate and army guys mainly), in a well lit parking garage, I got a new theory. This wasn't about brainwash for the army or church, this was about capitalism. They probably got kickbacks on the loans they set up and advertising fees for the products they give away.

But then some guy explains that it is actually an exploitive reality TV show, that it was all in the release that I signed. Duh. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Of course w/TV, it could be all of the conspiracies I'd thought of at once.

Dream pretty much fizzled there. Some wandering and searching for parents but no clear plot.
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