Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Cubs Win!

So the Cubs just won their first post-season series since 1908. (That seems like a bogus stat since they've still got 2 post season series to win before they're as good as they were in 1908). Wood was on tonight.

The Cubs were robbed on that catch/no-catch call. It could have been a shutout if they'd actually called that a catch (which it clearly was) and the play had bee a triple play. But the umps don't get the benefit of recall and they made the best call they could.

Next they play Florida, a team with a similar regular season record as the cubs. The Marlins, the wildcard team, was not expected to get to this level...perhaps that bodes well for the Cubs. We'll see.

You people who are in Chicago had better damned well go down to wrigleyville and check out whatever partying/riotting is going on. That crowd has got to be a silly fun mess of chaotic high energy. I'm jealous.
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