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Feeling the Dork Power at 5am

So when Jared and I were driving to Seattle we saw a road called "Sleater-Kinney" road (I think in Olympia) and I thought "WOW! This town's city council must be REALLY hip to name a road after such a hip young band." I asked Jared (and later Gel) if they knew whether the road was named after the band, the band after the road, or both after some third thing. I actually kind of expected the latter.

Well I just found out that in fact the band is named after that road. And they just chose it at random because it was a road near their practice space. What an awesome way for a road to get famous...just by random chance.

In unrelated music news, I watched parts of Stop Making Sense for the bajillionth time today and I've gotta say that every time I watch that seemingly simple movie I'm awestruck at how much of a brilliantly funny rocker David Byrne is and how fun the Talking Heads are. I mean I've always known this, it isn't news or anything. I've been a talking heads fan since I was like 4 years old.

I was wondering today how much my very young exposure to David Byrne contributed to my relative fearlessness when it came to being a geek in public. I mean who else besides David Byrne could get away with the big suit, dancing with a lamp, or any of those other weird ass DORKY AS HELL stage antics. I mean those people looked like MAJOR SPAZES up there and at the time it was fresh and new and now two decades later it remains funny and fun and inspiring. Maybe David Byrne had some unconscious influence on my occasional desires (acted out) to show up at the school bus stop looking as super mega dorky as possible to maximize the fun that would be made of me. One time I wore every piece of winter clothing in the entire house to school. Maybe without that I never would have gotten into drama. Maybe without that I wouldn't be a fairly fearless public speaker. Maybe without the talking heads I would be more ashamed of my insanely chaotic dancing style.

Or maybe, just maybe, the fact that my mom turned me on to the Talking Heads at an early age is an indicator of how fucking cool she is. It was, after all, my mom that encouraged my "crazy dance". I bet she didn't realize I'd still be doing it after college.

Thank you David Byrne. Thank you Talking Heads. Thank you Stop Making Sense. Thank you Mom and Dad (even if my dad thinks Byrne is pretention and lame he's gotta get equal mention here).

Dorkiness is fucking cool.

The revolution will be dorky.
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