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Six Songwriters, Two Shows!

This week at the Channing-Murray, the UC-IMC presents SIX folk musicians in two shows!

Wednesday, October 1st @ 8pm - Beth Amsel with Maggie Simpson, Kate Hathaway, Kevin Elliott

Saturday, October 4th @ 8pm - James O'Brien with MJ Walker

$7-$15 sliding scale at the door ($10 suggested)
The Channing-Murray (above the Red Herring)
1209 W. Oregon St., Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 344-8820

All ages. Non-smoking. No alcohol.

The fliers from these shows are available here:

If you download and print (on legal size paper) 30 copies of these fliers and post them in prominent public places and send me an email with the locations where you postered before the show you can get in to the show for free.

Beth Amsel toured with Voices on the Verge and has been doing her own solo singer songwriter performances for several years. Her soaring voice is beautiful, her words are a musicial ride through love, loss, want, desire, grief, and change. She's worked with the likes of Erin McKeown and The Nields. (October 1)

We've been trying to book Adam Brodsky's friend and fellow anti-folker, James O'Brien, for a while now and finally we've been able to make a date work out. If you like Dan Bern, Hammel on Trial, or Adam Brodsky, you'll love James O'Brien. "Fueled by a love of Bob Dylan, punk rock, beat poetry and a penchant for politics, James O'Brien has fused together passion and provocation. James is a vibrant presence . . . ushering in alternative folk for the next generation. It's good to see a young artist being productive in all aspects." (October 4)

Every time Beth Amsel visits CU she tours with a different fantastic artists. This time around she's bringing Maggie Simpson. "Simpson's music covers a broad range from ethereal, lyrical ballads to hard edged, funk inflected grooves. Her song writing reveals a complex, sophisticated rhythmic and harmonic sense but springs from a raw innocence that keeps if tuneful and accessible. Maggie's stories are simple but profound; disarmingly unselfconscious. She underscores her performances with a spacious, 'meaty' and percussive guitar style which, though compelling, remains unobtrusive and like everything else she does, is an equal and integral part of the whole." (October 1)

Kate Hathaway started playing guitar at the age of 14, and soon after, began writing her own songs and lyrics. She grew up in the small town of Rossville, IL, and recently moved to Urbana last year to begin school at the University of Illinois. Immediately after her move to Champaign-Urbana, she began playing her own originals at venues all over town including. Some of her first shows were at the IMC. Hathaway formed a backing band in the fall of 2002. Kate's sound is acoustic guitar driven bluesy folk and rock. Her new three song EP is available for $3 at the IMC. (October 1)

MJ Walker is a singer-songwriter who plays honest bluesy porch music. Her folk evokes the spirit of Woody Guthrie blended with blues and bluegrass sounds. MJ is a veteran acoustic music player in Champaign-Urbana with a loyal following. (October 4)

Kevin Elliott is the host of From the Joshua Tree Inn on WEFT 90.1 FM Tuesdays 6-8pm. Many know Kevin as an expert on folk music, now you have the chance to hear his great skills as a singer-songwriter as well. (October 1)

And looking into the future...

Mark Erelli and Jeff Foucault with TBA
Wednesday, November 5th @ 8pm

Mark Erelli is really a roots rocker in a folk musician's guise (and what is the difference anyway?). He's been described as tasteful, intelligent, sensitive, and unpredictible. He mixes old style country, balladry, and folk-rock for a throughoughly modern combination.

"Jeffrey Foucault is Lyle Lovett with more dirt on his boots." - Peter Mulvey

"What I found compelling in Townes Van Zandt's writing is the essentially American element of the blues that runs through everything he wrote. No matter what he was playing, Townes sang the blues and he did it with such a hurtful purity. It was honest and haunting. Hearing Townes when I was eighteen had the power of revelation." - Jeff Foucault

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