Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Sent from Eugene. Even on Vacation I'm an Activist/Organizer.

Dear Indymedia Supporter,

I wanted to make sure that you know about the upcoming membership meeting at the IMC on October 2nd.

Throughout the year hundreds of Indymedia volunteers work in both official and ad hoc working groups creating and disseminating independent media and see to the day to day needs of the IMC. In the last six months these volunteers have produced a weekly radio news program, a monthly newspaper, a bi-weekly video compilation, a monthly art gallery, dozens of all ages folk, punk, gothic, and indie rock concerts, independent film events, .zine readings, a poetry slam, independent film viewings, a major festival, and more. Our radical library, open publishing website, community web-hosting project, community wireless networking project, and production lab continue to provide valuable media resources for an ever growing pool of IMC members. Volunteers for the Capital Campaign have raised over $42,000
towards our $100,000 goal. Just this month, the IMC was one of many hosts for Girlzone.s Grrrlfest 2003, the final Girlzone event. The IMC.s finance group continues to support Indymedia projects worldwide through 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship.

Amidst all of this amazing success, the IMC suffered a setback in May when the City of Urbana shut down the highly popular and successful IMC venue space due to previously unknown code violations. The IMC.s venue space was Champaign-Urbana.s only regular all ages non-smoking venue and featured about five performances per week until it was shut down. Our art gallery, production space, and library remain open and members are learning to work around the loss of the venue space. The IMC Shows group has continued bringing unique independent music to town at other venues (e.g. IMCfest at the Canopy Club which featured 16 bands, 2 feature films, and a .zine reading).

As you can see, IMC.s members are hard at work every day becoming the media.

Twice every year, the IMC holds a general membership meeting. At these meetings IMC members step back from their daily work and look at the big picture. The membership meeting is a visioning meeting where all the members, whether they are active volunteers or supportive community members, discuss the direction the IMC will take for the next 6 months and beyond. The membership meeting is also the only
meeting at which the IMC Structure document which governs IMC operation can be changed.

The IMC.s membership meetings are open to all and operate on a consensus basis. I have volunteered to gather Agenda Items and coordinate the calling of this meeting. If there is anything at all that you would like to have discussed at this membership meeting please contact me by email ( or phone (217-621-6768). In order to have a well organized meeting, it is essential that you make requests for agenda items before the meeting.

Becoming the Media,
Zach Miller

PS - If wondering about the strange subject line, I.m sending these letters from my vacation. I.m writing this letter from an Amtrak train somewhere in Minnesota. I.ll see you all back in Urbana on October 2!
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