Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Any moaners in the audience?

I'm going to post this right out front because I want a variety of opinions on this:

Here's a question of massage ettiquette for ya though...when you're paying for a massage do you give any feedback to the massager? I mean when I'm giving a massage there's nothing more valuable than the sighs/moans/purrs/whatever of the massagee to tell me if I'm hiting the right spots. And when I'm getting a massage I like to let loose with whatever happy sounds my body feels like making, it's relaxing. But it just seems kinda creepy to make ANY HAPPY SOUNDS AT ALL when you're half naked alone in a room with a professional massager who is supposed to be entirely detached from the sensuality of the experience. I think that's why I prefer to massage and be massaged by people that I'm comfortable reacting around.
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