Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Evil Beard

I wasn't going to write about it but I might as well since I mentioned it in my previous post.

Last week I had a pretty straightforward dream that was simple, disturbing, and fairly hilarious (that it was disturbing was itself hilarious).

I dreamt that I was sleeping with an ex-gf. I think the dream must have been set back in the days when we were dating because in the dream I felt no bad feelings about cheating on my current gf. It seemed like the natural thing to do in the context of the dream.

Anyway, in the dream we woke up and went for a walk. She looked in the mirror at some point and screamed. She had grown a beard! Just stubble but quite dark and thick, like mine. Then we jointly theorized that maybe we'd had too much sex and this was a result of that. Some kind of extension of the hair on the palms masturbation myth I guess.

So I wonder if this has to do with my constant anxieties about my stubble being uncomfortable for my partner when I forget to shave, or about anxieties about the possible consequences of sex (beard as a metaphor for pregnancy?), or just another surreal moment in the dream life of Zach.

It is interesting that I've been dreaming about exes lately. I never dreamed about them when we were dating. I never dream about my current partner now. I almost never dream about the people who are close to dreams are entirely populated by dream extras playing the parts of my dream friends and by not-so-close totally random friends, usually from the past. Have I been completely split off from my exes for so long that they're drifting into that "friends from the past who I'd love to see but don't cling to and so they pop up in my dreams" category?
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