Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Dreaming of The Quest for Identity

I'm in this gigantic auditorium type place which is attached to a shopping mall and a junior high school. All the characters in the dream (including me) are simultaneously Junior High kids and my peers (people in their 20s). Which is to say we look like people in our 20s but we're going to Junion High.

There was some really specific and interesting character driven plot involving running around trying to nonchalantly hide from these throngs of people who were themselves running around for a different reason. I really don't remember the motivation but it had something to do with an ex-girlfriend (second dream of the week to feature an ex...weird).

Anyway, while I don't remember the plot, I do remember the setting and the ironic realization at the end. There was this ever growing mob of people leaving the auditorium seeking to chase after some super star teen idol that was in the building. Many of them were stopping in stores and bathrooms to alter their appearance to look like the teen idol. Some of them were successful, so successful that _they_ started getting chased by part of the chaotic mob. All the while I'm just trying to make it back to the auditorium unnoticed (no small task since as things progress everyone looks more and more the same...and I stand out more and more as looking different).

When I finally make it back to the auditorium, it is almost completely empty but there are sparsely filled seats all over the place and as I look around I noticed that every single occupant of every seat is a minority or a woman (not all the women are here, just the ones who chose not to run off...but not a single white boy chose to stay). And it dawns on me that this is a really telling picture of how little diversity we have in our school (the school in the dream) which is apparently some bullshit elite prep school or something. Also telling is that there is a message here about how disenfranchised, disconnected from the mainstream and therefore disempowered these folks are BUT they are simultaneously the coolest most independent people, the people I want to be with. So I finally make my way to where my friends are sitting (friends that I never had noticed were minorities before, just friends) and join them.
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