Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

A Dreamy Deconstruction of Glinda

I dreamed this lengthy philosophical discussion about a philosophical term that a person in my dream had made up. "Glinda-Evil". It describes a possible outcome of a moral dilemma. The term describes evil inadvertently done by an extremely good person. "Glinda" is I believe the name of the good witch in Wizard of Oz. The dream centered around me asking what the justification for the allusion to Oz was? What evil was wrought by Glinda, even inadvertently? And he said that at the end of the movie there was a cut scene where after Dorothy is happy and with her family, Glinda is shown back in Oz in tears. And I said well even if so, of course she'd cry, she misses Dorothy. He said these tears were an allusion to a biblical Jesus scene (apparently Jesus had also committed Glinda-evil by dying to save humanity from it's sins because it was such a shortcut). Anyway I guess the idea was that on the balance of things it would have been Better for Dorothy to remain in Oz but it was Right for her to go home to Kansas (or maybe vice-versa) and Glinda made that happen. A decision she later wept about as her world (Oz) ceased to exist.
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