Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

I dreamed I was at Denny's and All my friends were there and we fought with the law.

I'm on some kind of massive journey with a friend. We had many deep conversations that I can't recall. At various points in this dream the friend is played by different people and at some moments my friend and I are both brown skinned.

We're taking a rest break in our travel in a Denny's in the US South. The restaurant is quite full but many tables only have one or two people. They tell us we have to wait.

Something is kind of messed up and at one point after talking to the host I go back to my friend who is waiting in the vestibule and we speak very quietly in our native language about something. I think I was just bitching about the quality of service. A patron sees these two brown people speaking conspiratorially in a foreign language and runs off to report a terrorist threat.

We end up being seated at a table with another person in a very crowded place (very reminiscent of riding the tram).

When the waiter comes to serve us he has a notebook with him. He puts it down, looks at us carefully, and pages through it to find what he's looking for, and proceeds to read out the most disgusting and offensive racial slurs he can find that he feels are most appropriate to us.

Despite having gotten some food already, we get up and walk out. The waiter and host are flummoxed.

Outside we are stopped by police who have been called in to respond to the terrorist threat. They decide they need to evacuate and hold EVERYONE from the restaurant until the federal authorities come in.

At this point the dream turns into a terrifying comedy about bumbling local law enforcement.

They set up fountains that spray pepperspray into the air. When someone complains the lead cop says that it shouldn't hurt us unless we directly put our face in the spray, if the mere smell could hurt us, then growing pot is probably hazardous too (his implication was that we were all pot growing hippies, he imagined we'd argue that the smell of pot growing didn't cause anyone any harm, and that if we complained about the pepperspray smell we'd automatically be proving ourselves wrong because it was somehow analogous).

They brought in the local fire department so we were under the constant threat of being hosed down.

They brought in a ton of cops with a lot of guns and other weaponry.

When I looked around at the crowd of hundreds from the restaurant that they'd brought out onto the lawn to hold I realized it was pretty much everyone I've ever met.

So me and all my friends are being held by bumbling local cops and firefighters on the lawn of a Denny's in the deep South because some racist patron had mistook a foreign language conversation about the poor quality of service as a terrorist plot.

The rest of the dream turned into a survey of non-violent resistance tactics. There were so many more of us than the cops that we just kept doing things to keep the cops off balance to let them know that they didn't have control of the situation without giving them any reason to harm us. We started fake little fights over each other's colorful wigs (yes suddenly a lot of us had colorful wigs and we started ripping them off and playing keep away or tug o war with them).

We shouted out really clever witty things to the cops challenging their authority. These seemed to be pretty effective at causing the cops to stammer and act off balance and confused.

We started just SCREAMING. That was the most powerful. We set up this massive undulating wall of sound with our voices that created pure chaos and confusion in the mind of the cops because they couldn't see who started it and they couldn't figure out how to stop it. They came into our group and tried to apprehend and intimidate various random people and it almost scared us into stopping but always someone somewhere would keep it up and everyone else would gain the strength to keep screaming.

The dream ended in the middle of a massive wig and sweater "fight".

There was some sub-plot about having to book a "casual (not business!) travel voucher" for $19.99 in New York City ahead of time by phone. This came up over and over again in the dream in various forms in the midst of all the chaos.
Tags: dreams, non-violent protest, racism
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