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Jason Webley, my new God.

Ok, the Jason Webley show just kicked my ass. This guy is like Tom Waits meets Dostoyevsky meets a drunken pirate meets....I dunno...anti-folk or something maybe.

He played accordian, acoustic guitar and piano. He played for almost 2 hours. His props included a giant plush carrot that he hypnotized us with and a scary mask that he surprised us at the beginning of the show with. He also had a bottle of rocks that he used to INTENSE percussive effect. He was very stompy footed. He sang in russian, english, and Pirate-ese.

I've never been to a more interactive, hilarious and fun show ever.

I mean this guy didn't just get people to clap, he didn't just get us to wave our hands in the air, he didn't just get us to vent our 20+ years of not "dvarking" in loud barbaric shouting, he didn't just get us ALL dancing....he got us all to tickle each other. I'm serious. At this charismatic man's say so the whole crowd turned into a moshing tickle fight.

For his finale he led us all in a rousing drinking song. Everyone was dancing and singing in their loudest drunken gravel voices and he walked into the crowd and we circled around him and everyone put their arms around each other to form a swaying drunken circle. Then he had us all spin around in circles 12 times while looking at our raised fingers so we'd really feel drunk in this alcohol-free space and sing the song one last drunken time in a tighter circle. It was SO AWESOME. Everyone was laughing and smiling and hugging and stomping and clapping and screaming. We tore that music up!

At the end, Kiah, who organized the show and herself had an amazingly good time, gave me a really sincere hug. We IMCstas are a hugging kind of crowd but it's always so nice when someone really means it. Ripley Caine gave me the same kind of hug. This is why Folk Music is the best. Everyone in folk music is awesome.

In other news I have to find a new venue for Doria Roberts next week because of a scheduling Snafu at the Channing-Murray. Doh!

EDIT: If any of your Chicagoans want to go see this guy in Wheaton on Monday please let me know and I'm SO THERE.
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