January 14th, 2010

bald australia sepia

RIP Scott Swanson 1973-2010

bald australia sepia

Club Pseudo - Scott Swanson Memorial Edition


I'm coming back to Illinois for the shortest antipodal round trip ever.

I get to O'Hare at 8pm on Friday (UAL 886)

I leave O'Hare at 3pm on Sunday.

I'll also be in San Fransisco (at the airport) from 10:40am - 1:40pm on Friday, and from 5:50pm until 10:40pm on Sunday.

I don't have any plan except to be at IMSA on Saturday from 2pm until late, and to hang with people I meet there late into the night. I'll figure out the details when I get there. I'll probably stay at some motel in Aurora near IMSA...I think maybe there'll be one reserved for the event.

My phone number once I get to the US will be 773-808-0510.