January 18th, 2009

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Deeply Moving

The podcast for Democracy Now for Monday 19 Jan 2009 has already been published. It is a pre-inaugural Martin Luther King Jr. day special broadcast.

The entire episode is Dr. King in his own words. It is all speeches and NONE of them are the I Have a Dream speech. It is all speeches from later in his life including an amazing one that he gives condemning the Vietnam war and predicting that the legacy of the Vietnam war would be the US militarily meddling in countries all over the world and suffering serious blowback consequences because of it. It also features the speech he gave the night before his assassination.

You've heard choice quotes from both these speeches. But I at least had never heard them in their entirety.

They Are Amazing.

I'm really serious that you should download this MP3 and listen to the whole thing carefully and attentively. Do this sometime before the end of Monday. You've got the day off and it is too cold to do much else while you eagerly await the end of the Bush administration. Use that time to listen to this.
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