November 1st, 2007

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Vote for Rory : LAST DAY FOR TOP 25

this is your reminder to vote for Rory today!

Seriously folks, there are 16 hours of voting left.

Rory is in 10th place. She needs to finish this 16 hours in 10th place or better. So she could get disqualified at any moment because she's right on the edge. Please everyone go give her a vote. She's fucking amazing and deserves to be heard. Getting to the final round of this contest could really help her musical career.

She just finished making and uploaded her new video which features a song she just wrote. If she makes it into the next round then people will vote on the new video. Don't let their work recroding the new video go to waste! vote now!.

Signing up is REALLY quick and easy and they really don't spam you. Famecast has almost no annoying ads. Once you sign up then in the future voting for her again takes literally 5 seconds.

It's REALLY important to me to help Rory make it as far as possible in this contest. This is the ONLY thing I'm spending time away from work and moving on. Please help! Please spread the word.

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