February 11th, 2006

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Over $4 BILLION from Education

Is it any surprise that the department slated to take the biggest cuts in Bush's proposed budget is Education? He's cutting out about 1/3 of the already heavily slashed budget for the Dept of Ed. These nickles and dimes will directly harm an entire generation of Americans but won't come anywhere CLOSE to covering the cost of our ill conceived foreign wars.

Of course, this budget isn't passed by congress, it is only proposed by the president. Now might be a good time to look through this list for things that you believe are valuable and let your friends and congress people know what is at stake.

ETA: I think it is interesting how many of these are cuts to block grants to the states. In the mid-90s the Republicans were all about slashing government programs and replacing them with block grants. Now this Republican president is all about removing even those block grants championed by his predescessors a decade ago.

ETA: Cuts to support for Alaska's indigenous population are interesting given the push to drill in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. That drilling will disrupt the carribou herds that indigenous alaskans have subsisted on for over 10,000 years. I guess Bush realizes that we won't need to support them as much when they're all dead or displaced.

ETA: The cut to Amtrak would amount to a 1/3rd cut in already insufficient federal funding for Amtrak. The numerically larger cut to the FAA however represents less than a 5% cut in federal subsidy for for-profit air travel. This is indicative of the insanely skewed priorities of federal subsidy for transportation.

ETA: I'm seeing cuts to a TON of programs that would have directly helped his pledge to reduce America's "addiction" to oil. Idiot.

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