January 17th, 2006

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I went skiing for the first time in my life this weekend. I went with hecateuse and the_sween. They had also not been skiing before.

We stayed in the luxurious Cottage 11 at Superior Shores. Superior Shores has been my family's favorite place to stay in the UP for maybe a decade. The current owners of the place are the nicest people imaginable. They are the ones who had the initial idea and really pushed for the Porcupine Mountains Music Festival.

Here's some words I emailed to apoxoncaptivity about the trip:
Our adventures up north were fantastic. I am VERY achey now. I've learned all the muscle groups that I need to strengthen. We foolishly denied lessons. We learned that hard packed ice snow with no powder is the worst possible kind of snow to learn to ski on. Multiple people told us laughingly multiple times "This is your first time? *chuckle* Well if you can learn to ski on this, you'll be experts when there's real snow." Basically since the snow was so hard there was no real way to dig the skis in and control the fall. So you just go faster and faster and faster and can only steer in the widest of curves. I never figured out to stop but I learned how to safely fall on my ass and pop the skis off. After a few hours of falling down the bunny hill we decided that although we weren't very good yet that we might be able to handle the beginner's slope. We didn't realize that the slopes at the porkies have the biggest vertical drop of any ski hill in Michigan or Wisconsin. The chair lift seemed to go up and up and up forever. We tumbled off the lift at the top (others were impressed that on our first time up the lift we didn't get bonked by the chairs behind us which is the usual newbie mistake). We enjoyed the view from the top, checked cell phone signals for fun, and then took the plunge. I started out going about 20 feet at a time and then falling on my ass (and this is a 600' drop). Eventually I got the hang of staying up and going REALLY FUCKING FAST until I panicked about the speed and purposely fell on my ass to stop myself. hecateuse was using the same strategy but one of her falls knocked out her knee. Until she got hurt she really was showing the most control and skill with the skis. She was capable of keeping her fall slower than the_sween or I. The ski patrol picked her up on a snow mobile and whisked her to comfort. the_sween was more of a daredevil/natural and really zipped down the hill without falling nearly as much. It was terrifying not knowing when we'd be at the bottom. We kept coming to ever steeper drops and couldn't see the end until we got there.

herbivorous drove me up to Madison but couldn't join us in the UP because she had to work on Monday. It was good to chat with her for a few hours during the drive though.

When we returned we ate at a fancy restaurant named "Firefly" in Madison. Then I took the bus home.
bald australia sepia

Utah Phillips

Heed the words of fireflower123 well:
Hey Kids-

Utah Phillips will be preforming in Milwaukee May 1, 2006. Tickets should run around $25.00 with fees. It should be an amazing show. He is in semi-retirement and only does one live show a month so if you want to see him jump on this chance!