November 11th, 2005

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I have updated my Recipe Archive.

I have included my two favorite improvisational recipes, narrative accounts of how I go about making Pancakes and Enchiladas. These aren't really recipes, they're just documentation of the things I think about when I make these things. These are respectively my favorite breakfast and dinner to make. Thanks to my Mom for inspiration on the enchiladas, and a recipe from ex-girlfriend J's late father for inspiration on the pancakes.

I also included the only complete new and non-derivative culinary thing I've invented. It's an incredibly soothing Autumn/Winter Drink. It's sweet. It's spicy. It's got whiskey. It's creamy. It's hot. It's appley. It's bannaney. I can't say it's totally non-derivative. I combined the ideas of bananas foster with standard mulled cider with the fact that some people use butter in mulled cider. These ideas all just kind of linked up in my head for a single combined drink.

Banana Muffins were the very first thing I learned to cook by myself and I've been making them ever since. I love them to death.</a>

This particular Apple Pancake recipe was modified by my sister to be more appley and more custardy. It's a hit. Cast iron pans are an absolute must for this. Perfect for making for a new romantic partner when they stay the night.

There's a bunch of other good stuff there too.