September 1st, 2005

bald australia sepia


I will be leaving in a few hours to hike in the Porcupine Mountains. I am going to camp tonight and Friday night. I will return to civilization on Saturday evening. Please don't panic until Sunday. I have given a copy of my full route to Don and Linda at Superior Shores. I will have my cell phone and an FRS radio with me in case I get into trouble one of them should be able to fetch me some help (I don't think voice service will work on the cell but I think I can squirt a TXT through when I'm on high ground, if you get such a TXT from me just call Don and Linda and relay the message). I will also be registering with the park office so they'll know I'm in the park. I will be parking on M-107 near Cuyahoga Creek at the eastern trailhead of the Escarpment trail. I will hike the Government Peak trail to Mirror Lake, the Correction Trail to the Big Carp River Trail back to the Escarpment Trail back to my car. This is a 20 mile hike. If Government Peak (probably the hardest part of the trail) wears me out or slows me down more than expected I will cut about 8 miles off the hike by taking the North Mirror Lake trail back to my car. I have no idea where I will be camping along the trail because I don't know what kind of progress I'll make each day.

And if for some reason you don't hear from me I don't want a bajillion worried LJ users flooding Don and Linda with worried calls because in all probability everything is fine. Maybe post comments here and discuss among yourselves what to do and appoint one person to call Don and Linda. Thanks!