July 21st, 2005

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New Music Festival Announces Official Schedule

The Porcupine Mountains Music Festival announces its finalized schedule. 19 acts will play 25 sets on 2 stages over 3 days. The festival lineup is focused on acoustic music including folk, blues, jazz, country, rock, reggae, bluegrass, soul, celtic, and gospel.

The first Porcupine Mountains Music Festival is scheduled to take place Friday August 26 (4 - 10 pm), Saturday August 27 (12 - 10 pm) and Sunday August 28 (10 am - 7 pm) at the Winter Sports Complex (ski hill and chalet area) in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Ontonagon County located in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Festival-goers will have a unique opportunity to camp in the beautiful outdoor setting of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness on the south shore of Lake Superior while enjoying 3 days of music.

The festival headliners are Ember Swift, Iris DeMent and Kelly Joe Phelps and the sub-headliners are Rachael Davis, Garnet Rogers, and Beth Amsel.
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