June 28th, 2005

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A Ride to the Festival

I'm putting together a folk music festival in the UP.

I'm thinking of offering folks from CU who want to go to the festival, a seat on a charter bus that leaves August 25th in the evening, arrives at the festival on August 26th in the morning (with time to set up camp and hike/explore a bit before the music starts), and then returns on August 28th after the festival is over, arriving back in CU early on Monday morning. Also included in the deal would be a free campsite in close walking distance from the festival site (an $15-$20 value), and a weekend pass ticket to the festival (a $50 value).

I am thinking of offering this package for $150 total. If I can sell 30 packages at that price I will break even. I think this is a good deal for everyone because you don't have to drive for 10 hours, you can sleep on the bus. The cost of round trip gas plus tickets plus the campsite would end up being about the same cost anyway if you're driving alone. You get to hang out with lots of cool people who are going to the festival.

Fans of Champaign-Urbana folk music might be interested to note that MJ Walker and Fictive Kin will be playing on the main stage on Sunday!

I can see some folks wanting to come down from Chicago to take this bus.

I need to know that I can probably sell 30 packages before I commit to chartering the bus though. So are you in? If you aren't in but would be in if the parameters were different (if it was leaving from or stopping in Chicago, if it was leaving on a different day, if it was a different price, if I threw in a t-shirt, if I threw in a meal pass, etc), let me know.

Oh and of course, if you've already got tickets I can discount what you paid for the tickets from the package price.

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I would buy that package if you offered it.


I want to make it clear that I will not personally profit from this package deal. If there is a loss I will cover it out of pocket but if there is a surplus it will get rolled back into the festival budget (a 501c3 non-profit) to either offset outstanding expenses from this year or to help fund next year's festival.