April 11th, 2005

bald australia sepia

Riding the Dog, Part I

This is really happening.

On Saturday, April 9th, I bought a 21 day Greyhound Ameripass. I can travel on any Greyhound bus line with it from now until April 30th.

I've decided I work WAY more efficiently on busses and trains than I do at home where there's all kinds of distractions. I've been saying all along that I need some wandering time and that that is half the reason I took this job. So I decided "fuck it" with the waiting and planning (thinking for instance that I should clean my room or work in my garden before I leave) and I should just do it. I'm sticking to the region (states bordering Illinois) so that if I need to get home I can do so in less than a day.

First Leg - Champaign, IL -> Chicago, IL - 3 hours

I traveled to my folks' place for my Dad's birthday. I got a lot of work done on the bus and Metra train. Had some delicious Pizza and went to Woodstock to jam with my Dad's band and my sister. My dad got a new PA system and the bass player, Brad, got a new mixing board. So I got to play sound guy for the night and solved all their feedback and EQ problems as best as I could with the low-end mixer and very bad room arrangement. I had a few harmonicas with me and jammed lilting cowboy style with some of Rory's songs and blues style with my dad's stuff.

On Sunday, I was amazed because I woke up naturally at 7am. I worked for a few hours and then my mom and I went birthday shopping for Dad early. We got him a miniDV digital video camera and a slew of accessories. He's spent the last 30 years saying "I had the best idea for a short film today!", now he gets to put his camera where his mouth is.

At some point I'm going to have to figure out how to do video editting on a Mac so I can teach him. For now he's got a lot of tapes to gather source material.

Second Leg - Chicago, IL -> Memphis, TN - 9 hours

I'm totally going to meet these guys and sail with them for 2 days. Sean is an old friend from pre-IMSA high school. I haven't really seen him in about 12 years or so. duck2ducks tracked him down and jumped on the boat for a day from Chicago to Joliet and then told me about it. I pretty much have to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to sail on the Mississippi with an old friend!

So now I'm sitting in an Internet Cafe waiting for the bridge to the Island where the boat is to open up and getting some work done while I wait.