November 3rd, 2004

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Adam Brodsky

This is from Adam Brodsky's latest email and as always there's a deep bitter truth hidden within it:
the day after the election. 2004

first let me say I am thrilled and releived that our fearless and errorless leader George W. Bush has been resoundingly Reelected by the fine people of ohio. (Ann, Pete, Sarah, nice work.) now with no pesky reelection bid to make, its time to let the policies fly. and a 4 vote margin in the senate, i think robert bork might still be available for that high court gig. woo hoo. i couldn't be more stoked!

some of you may have been confused by the tone of my rantings to date. if i led you to believe that i was in fact a left wing pinko nut then i apologize, you see, i was invoking my highly developed and ridiculously subtle sense of sarcasm.
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In Better News

All three Green Party candidates in Champaign County established the Green Party in their districts yesterday.

I (Zach Miller District 9) received 1177 votes out of 8529, 14% of the vote. This is far better than I had hoped for given that I spent the first couple months of the campaign fighting my ballot access in court and the next few months with mono.

Ken Urban received 1426 votes out of 13050, 11% of the vote. But everyone in that race got 2 votes so there were only 6525 voters so he received votes from 22% of the voters.

Susan Rodgers got 1378 votes out of 7315, 19% of the vote!

I thought I'd be lucky to eek out the 5% by getting a strong showing in my home precinct, but I consistently got between 7% and 31% in EVERY precinct, proving that there are Green voters everywhere in this town. With the tremendous effort of a lot of dedicated volunteers (lit droppers John-Paul, Al, Jen, Mark, Eva, Nick, Amy, Arun, Jane, Andrew, Dawn, Robert, Nancy, Dale, Rory, Chris, benefit organizer Susan, and musicians Joni, Kate, Rory, and Darrin, webmasters Matt and Arun, lawyer Scott, ) we really got the word out. We dropped literature off at nearly every house in District 9. That alone is what got us the bulk of the vote that we got. Simply telling people with a third of a sheet of paper that a principled alternative candidate exists won us 14% of the vote, and in one precinct 31% of the vote. I got at least 7% of the vote in every precinct, including the rural one that we never did a lit drop in. And we couldn't have done all that without the very generous contributions that so many folks gave. I'll give a separate financial wrap-up and thanks after I finish crunching the numbers.

In 2 years, when a Green runs for this position again we will win. We will win because of this campaign. We will have guaranteed ballot access so we won't have to fight in the courts for our right to run. We will be prepared with the database tools and campaign strategies and data that we built for this campaign. In 2 years there will be Greens on the Champaign County Board!

In the meantime we'll be running for city council races, we'll be establishing the Party in as many levels of government as we can. And we'll be fighting hard for electoral reform, for instant run-off voting and proportional representation. This is the tip of the iceberg for Green Party momentum locally and nationally.

In 2000, I told everyone that we were just starting out the next phase of a movement that in 10-15 years would be a major political force, the force that would save this country from the two-party system that we've seen falling apart all around us. At every level the Greens are growing. Every year we run in twice as many races and races get more and more support. More support means more ballot lines, more matching funds, more establish party status. The Nader campaign launched a quiet revolution in hundreds of cities around the country and now the revolutionaries are organizing their neighbors for the day when we all get together and elect a Green President and a Green Congress. That day may be a decade away but we're getting closer to it with every Green election that meets its goals. Our campaigns met their goals: establish the Green Party in Districts 7,8,9 in Champaign County.

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Nationwide Resistance URLs

Ok ok, I get it. Everyone is sad and depressed because no one saw a Bush win coming down the pike... Don't mourn, organize! I'm really insanely impressed by all the really spontaneous coordinated organizing that is happening right now around the nation to bring pissed off folks together and try to figure out a collective strategy for how we're all going to spend the next 4 years.

Here's some links.*&sb=15&so=ascend

Protest at Race and Main at 5pm. Party at 6pm.

It is vitally important that you spend time with people today. Make noise. And do some happy things. The last thing we need is for all the liberals and progressives and radicals to go into a deep torpor over this trauma. Go outside and scream at the top of your lungs if you have to. Hug your friends. Throw some parties. And think about how you might resist the bullshit that's coming down the line.