October 25th, 2004

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NYE Planning

People are getting itchy for me to plan my multi-day NYE extravaganza. The timing is a little weird this year because NYE is a Friday.

Since NY is a Saturday, what are employers giving as the day off this year? Do people have the next Monday off? Do people have Thursday and Friday off?

Which things do you want to participate in, which days can you make it, any preferences on scheduling?

Here are the things that can be scheduled:
Acoustic Music Night and Community Sing-a-long
Rock and Roll Night (punk mainly)
DJ Dance Night (people like me and Arun DJing, note to arun, I'm not volunteering you, just saying "like", note to Jay and Jason, I'm not leaving you out I just cut and pasted this from an IMSA notesfile where they don't know you)
GamingFest (up to 36 hours)
MovieNight (up to 24 hours)
Sushi Run (a good finale)
Potluck Dinner (a good opener)

Here are the days (the party will NOT use all the days):
Sunday 26th
Monday 27th
Tuesday 28th
Wednesday 29th
Thursday 30th
Friday 31st
Saturday 1st
Sunday 2nd
Monday 3rd
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