April 30th, 2004

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IMCfest 2004

IMCfest is this Saturday (All Ages!) and Wednesday (18+).

IMCfest 2003 was so fun that we decided to have another one and it's two days this time. On Saturday, May 1st we'll have 2 stages at the University YMCA with 5 bands, a short film, and a zine slam. On Wednesday, May 5th we'll have 2 stages at the Canopy Club with 9 bands and 2 films. The events are $3-$50 sliding scale so for a mere $6 you can see 14 bands, 3 films, and a 'zine slam on 4 stages. Never a dull moment with the IMC Shows Group.

We raised $1600 towards the Capital Campaign and the Shows Group at the last IMCfest and we hope to do it again. When the IMC acquires a new building of it's own, we will need funds to build our own shows space so that C-U can once again have a permanent all ages non-smoking volunteer operated independent music venue. 14 bands are donating their performances to this event, let's make it worth their while by packing the University YMCA on Saturday and the Canopy Club on Wednesday!

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