March 19th, 2004

bald australia sepia

A Day Early

The equinox isn't until Saturday but I'm going to be out of town so I did the midnight sacrifice tonight. I am now beardless.

Happy fucking springtime.

A special shout out this Vernal Equinox to dsjones and deaconobvious. I'm the awesomest accidental psychic matchmaker ever.
bald australia sepia

(no subject)

Highlights so far of my trip to rural Missouri.

A sign at a gas station declaring Budweiser's support for hunters. Mmmm. Beer and hunting, two horrible things that go worse together.

Once again spotting a gas station called "Kum 'N Go".

Taking US Route 136 through Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri rather than taking any interstates. LOTS of tiny towns. Very scenic. I'm glad I wasn't driving.

Turning two new people on to Phil Ochs.

Good chatting with cool Greens.

Meeting David Cobb, our next President of the United States (I love calling anyone that, it's hilarious).