February 23rd, 2004

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UP Adventure: Mark your calendars.

Mark your calendars. August 6,7,8,9.

My parents are putting together a little shin dig in UP Michigan that weekend and asked me how many of my friends might want to join us up there. Being the person that I am, I decided that I'd like to make it a Big Shin Dig. I'm thinking of renting one of their larger cottages for the 4 days, the larger cottage has beds for 6 and can pack in a few more people on the floors. There's also the possibility of getting a few other rooms there as well for more people. There's also nearby campgrounds and other nearby resorts.

This place is right on the beach of Lake Superior and 5 miles from the Porcupine Mountains. Bonfires on the beach, northern lights, hiking, beautiful waterfalls, skinny (or clothed) dipping in crystal clear fresh water, and lots of crazy yoopers to socialize with.

Who wants to join us up there?
bald australia sepia


WEFT is playing some FUCKING COOL blues right now. Tune in.

It's this high energy, reverb drenched, stripped down, electric and acoustic boogie slide guitar stuff...if there was punk delta blues this would be it.

Oh hell. Just as I finish typing that they go into some boring BB King crap. I mean I love BB and all but that other stuff they were playing was Beautiful. Three songs worth. I'm going to have to call in and get a playlist.

I guess the first two songs were the Mississippi Sheiks, a band from the 20s and 30s recently reissued on an album called The Essential Mississippi Sheiks. Then he played a garage band calld Jawbone from an album called Dang Blues.

I'm so jealous that my parents are going to Oxford, Mississippi this week and they're stopping in Clarksdale and Memphis and Vicksburg. Sadly I'd have to miss our awesome political performance at Saturday's Clamor Music Festival and my date with cassiopia this week if I went to Mississippi with them.
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Hey! Are you bored of the same old bar scene with the same old bands? Are you tired of staying at home at night watching TV? Boredom is bad, we all hate it, the winter has been long and cold and now it's time to shake it all off! Get up, get out, and do it!

The Independent Media Center, in conjunction with Clamor magazine presents the KILL YOUR HUMDRUM CULTURE, MAKE PARTY NOW party! It's time to get down, get down with; The One Night Stand Bands (groove-laden jazz/funk/rock/jam), DJ Kajika and DJ ZoZo, the Radical Cheerleaders of Champaign-Urbana, and local hot stuffs puppeteers Beth Simpson, Zoe Swords, and Zach Miller! But that's not all. Assorted political performances will be scattered here and there and everywhere! Immersed with video pieces by Sarah Kanouse and footage from the IMC video group! It will be an interactive collage of music, dancing, cheering, and art! DJ Kajika and DJ ZoZo spin regularily at the Skeleton Danse and NOX and are ready to rock your world and your body.

But, yeah yeah, it'll rule...so when and where is it! February 28th at the Iron Post (120 S. Race, Urbana) 8-30p-1a. $5-50, ALL AGES. Hope to See All of You There! This is a benefit for the Independent Media Center and Clamor Magazine.

For more information contact Zoe Swords (zoe@ucimc.org).
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