February 2nd, 2004

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Musical Update of the Evening

So I've finally broken out of listening to the familiar vinyl from my parent's collection to exploring the albums I've never heard before.

I just finished listening to Ed Sander's "Beer Cans on the Moon" and this album is Hilarious! It's a super radical album from 1972. It's great protest music. It combines the standard accoustic fronted jammish music of the era with all kinds of weird loop sounds and strange noises and weird tempo and rhythm chances. Annoying as hell to listen to but wildly hilarious and catchy and fun and wonderful to listen to.

I'm not entirely clear on the definition of "filk", I don't know if it ONLY applies to sci-fi/fantasy themed music or if it applies to all silly acoustic music. If the latter than this might be called radical political filk. I dunno. Sadly the internet suggests that filk music has a much more narrow definition so I'm wrong.

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Yodeling Robot is about a yodelling robot in love with Dolly Parton.

Priestess is about a house where everyone thinks everything is normal but they don't know that you're the high priestess of a weirdo cult. revjack is going to use it on the soundtrack to his religious retreat.

What the hell is a hempune? I think it's a pot growing commune but there's no reference to that word on the net except for track lists for this album.

This reviewer clearly has no sense of humor. This album can't possibly have been meant to be taken seriously. It's hilarious in it's badness. It's so annoying that it's good.
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