January 30th, 2004

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the_sween agreed so fervently with this that I repost it here for those wondering about Kucinich's "immediate withdrawal from Iraq" position.

Here is Kucinich's 10 Point Plan to Bring Our Troops Home from Iraq. You will note that he has explicitly laid out exactly what I said it was "obvious" that he meant. Immediate withdrawal means "immediate negotiations with the UN to effect an immediate transfer of control to the UN with US funding commitments".

It isn't that there shouldn't be troops there. There should be UN troops there. They should be funded with US dollars because i t is our responsibility to rebuild and keep the country secure but we should outsource the rebuilding to the international community rather than to our own military industrial complex. From all indications, the world will be happy to step up to the plate to help out. Peace keeping forces are supposed to be neutral. An aggressive invasion force operating outside the rule of international law is not neutral.
bald australia sepia

Song of the Day

My listening to it over and over again getting welled up with tears of divine inspiration and tingly hairs on the back of the neck song of the day is: You've Got to Move written by Mississippi Fred McDowell (teacher of Bonnie Raitt) as performed by The Rolling Stones on Sticky Fingers (vinyl).

So stripped down. The lone acoustic slide guitar joined a few phrases later by that smooth slide electric and another electric way in the background punctuating at just the right moments providing reverby punch, barely discernible but vital to the overall sound. Then Mick comes in singing in that perfect southern drawl (Mick the Englishman is more country than country) and the three guitars are singing right along with him in that way that only a delta slide guitar can (Come On In My Kitchen is the best example of this style, especially as performed by David Bromberg), and then all of a sudden there's this simple, occasional kick drum punctuating the ends of the phrases and the most austere use of a high hat, throw in a few more sloppy harmonizing singers and the whole thing is backphrased (like a Willie Nelson song) to that point of feeling just barely out of sync but it never falls behind. It drags and pushes and pulls and the listener has nothing to do but sing along and cry. So stripped down, so pure and simple, and yet how many bands could get away with it? This is an example of perfect performance.

This whole album is really damned good.
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A Tale of Two Cities

It only just occured to me that it has been months since I've been to Chicago and eaten delicious food or gone to a show. I grow weary of the wintertime cultural offerings of our fine C-U.

It's been more than a month since I've hung out with my Chicago friends. It's been more than a month since I've hung out with my family.

This was all by plan. I planned to spend a month in town so I could Get Things Done (I've got business meetings scheduled for every Saturday this month, among other things). But I can't believe just how much I miss Chicago.

I always said the best things about living in C-U was that it was cheap to live here and Chicago was just a hop, skip, and jump away. And I've made that triple jump OFTEN over the last several years. I never realized just how addicted I really am to going up there.

Combine not having hung out with my family and friends for so long, being bored with the wintertime version of my town, bad sleep and eating habits, general wintertime blues and my mood over the last week starts to make a lot more sense.

I'm not depressed, I'm just bored and flat. I haven't REALLY been excited, haven't REALLY had fun since the NYE party. This kind of gap might be normal for many but it feels maddening for me right now.

Also, I want to be in a band or go to more shows or book more shows. I feel musically deprived.