January 16th, 2004


The UC-IMC Presents Sista Otis and the Wholly Rollers

Friday, January 23rd 2004 @ 8pm
Sista Otis and the Wholly Rollers
$6-$15 sliding scale ($10 suggested)</strong>

Take a very tight high energy rock quartet, add in some hip-hop, funk, radical politics, urban folk lyrics, and front it all with a downright frenetic lead singer and you've got Sista Otis and the Wholly Rollers. Based in Detroit, Sista Otis played solo at the IMC during Grrrlfest 2002 and she rocked the house with just her accoustic guitar and her high-paced rap-sung voice -- now she returns with a full rock band. With their recent host of major awards in Detroit, this band is poised for greatness. We're so lucky to be able to host them at the Channing-Murray, Urbana's only all ages, non-smoking, acoustically wonderful space.

"She has enough girl power to fuel a fire and enough soul to make James Brown proud." - Rachel May, Detroit Free Press

"Sista Otis has her own funk-stewed, potatoes and soul brand folk. Urban folk with such a depth, maturity and atmosphere, you know it could only come out of Detroit." -Melissa Giannini, Metro Times

You can listen to some song clips here

This show is located at Channing-Murray Foundation (right above the Red Herring), 1209 W. Oregon(map), Urbana.

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    Sista Otis - I Didn't Do It
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