January 13th, 2004

bald australia sepia

Night of Many Dreams

I dreamt that I was in Salt Lake City visiting the Great Salt Lake (which I've never seen irl). The "Great Salt Lake" in this case was a huge man-made salt water underground swimming pool. It wasn't a normal swimming pool though, it was a series of tunnels, not tall enough to stand in, with about 4 feet of water in them so you had to swim/wade to go through the tunnels. This tunnel system went under the city for miles and miles.

When I got to the entrance of the system I was introduced to The Vacuum which kept the water clean. This was a revolutionary ultra-high powered filtering device which ensured that any drain water flowing into the tunnel system got sucked into the vacuum and filtered first. A tour guide demonstrated by dumping a cup of motor oil into the stream and the floating oil immediately got sucked out to the sides instead of flowing down the stream.

The tunnels had a slight current in them so all you had to do was kind of float and occasionally paddle yourself to get a little momentum. I was having fun exploring at first, I just jumped in and started going without listening to the lame tour guide, but eventually I started to get claustrophobic and started looking for a way out. I found some side passages. The ones that led to the outside were all blocked. There were some that led to the inside that turned to dry land and offices. I went down one and after rows and rows of empty offices I came upon an old lady in a bed, like at a nursing home. She sat up and said some pleasant old lady greeting. I said hi embarrasedly and moved on.

I went back to the stream and continues on. Hoping I'd find someone that I could ask just how long it was until the end. I had no idea. I started observing these white globes that seemed to be living creatures (like jelly fish) hovering in mid air. They spooked me out and though they didn't try to interact with me I made a point of avoiding them.

Eventually I found an exit but when I got up to street level I was lost, couldn't find my friends, didn't know how to get to the bus back to the place we were staying, and didn't have my cell phone with me. Then I woke up.


In another dream, that I remember much more poorly, I was being chased through an abandoned version of the Krannert Center for Performing Arts. A huge building with many large cavernous rooms and a maze of passages. I came into one particularly large room and something happened that made me SCREAM in terror. I woke up heart pounding.


In another room there was a jam at my parent's house and people were getting set up. Some dude, about my age, came over with some tiny little vintage amp and an (apparently) really nice guitar. He had borrowed these from a friend of my dad's. He asked my dad when the guy wanted them back. My dad said, "actually he wants to keep them freighted". That word "freighted" made absolutely no sense to me but th e guy in the dream totally got it and he said "oh that's great, then I can just keep using it for sound check". I guess the guy in the dream was a rock star. I don't know why he'd use a different guitar for sound check than for his real show. I don't know why it would help that the guitar was "freighted".


In another dream I was telling my dad about the "freighted" dream and he was insisting on trying to interpret in obscure guitar player terms what that term might have meant. I kept trying to tell him that there was no idea my unconscious dreaming mind could have come up with any obscure guitar player arcana like that.


In another dream I was coming back to a very high level math class that I'd been ditching for half a semester. I was really worried that I wouldn't get what was going on in the class. It turned out that because everyone was returning from Spring Break, the professor decided to throw a party that day of class instead of teaching. The classroom morphed into a cocktail lounge and everyone was drinking and joking around about really geeky math stuff. I decided not to drink because I didn't want to get drunk enough to confess that I had no idea what was going on in the class. My friend, Matt H, was there and he was getting really drunk on beers. I had him give me his keys and offered to drive him home.

Somehow leaving the party and trying to organize the driving home morphed into the dream about running scared through Krannert but I don't remember the connection.