December 24th, 2003

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I can not stress enough. just how much you should come to my party. That is all.

In reverse order:

Missing in Action is going to play on Wednesday (New Year's Eve). They're hardcore punk. We're also going to have DJ's spinning all kinds of unusual and rocking stuff all night long (except when the band is playing!).

Darrin Drda, Paul Kotheimer, Eleni Moraites, and Rory Miller are all playing on Tuesday. And then open jam and sing-a-long!

The gaming on Sunday and Monday.

The movies on Saturday.

The food on Friday.

You should come!
bald australia sepia

Beds Everywhere!

My house now has padded sleeping space for 16-20 guests and plenty more floor space.

My room is clean and full of beds!

I feel so accomplished. Now I shall eat and then sleep and then drive up for a blitz xmas and then return to start the festivities.

If anyone needs a ride from Chicago to Champaign on Friday, let me know.
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