December 13th, 2003

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Breaking God's Law

I just looked up the 10 commandments because I realized that I didn't really know what they are. I'm so going out and making myself some carved images of things in the water that is under the earth. Then everyone will think I'm a real serious bad-ass.

I just have to figure out what is in the water under the earth besides toxic runoff and maybe some silt. That kind of stuff is hard to make carved images of.
bald australia sepia

"Nobody in the world is as cool as Pink Floyd"

And I thought my .sig made me look like a dork. I just read a letter (actual paper letter, not email) that I sent to someone in the summer of 1994. Wow. Really. Dorky. I'd hoped maybe by the summer before my Senior year the extreme dorkiness had subsided a little bit. I'm so glad my peers were all just as dorky and awkward as I was.

Makes me wonder if I ever really got over it, or if deep down inside I'm just as dorky.
bald australia sepia

Excellent paranoia spy dream

So I'm hanging out with my sister in some town that is between here and Boston and she meets this guy and they really hit it off (in the dream she is single). He seems like a really nice guy, they share a ton of interests, etc. I feel a little suspicious of the guy but chalk it up to just brotherly protectiveness. He wants her to drive back to Boston with him to keep him company so they can talk and get to know each other better in the car and then she'll catch a greyhound home.

At some point while she's trying to decide whether or not to go (she really wants to and the guy seems to nice but it's such a spontaneous thing to get in a car with a stranger and go to Boston, a leap of trust)...anyway at this point I'm idly going through some of his old office supplies from his librarians job in this town that we're in. I find an empty file folder labeled with My Name. Scribbled in pencil on the file folder is a bunch of information about me things like my interests, my job, that I have a car (which tipped me off that a lot of this was stuff they researched through computers because I don't have a car but my sister's car was registered in my name). I freak out, realizing that this guy is definite some kind of agent. I shove it in his face and demand to know "what the hell is this".

He, chuckles nervously, and tells me that he used to sell cell phones in boston and just as a hobby he sometimes listened in on people who were buying stuff and made notes about them. I told him I'd never bought a cell phone in boston. He got flustered.

Then the dream went into that whole tense chess game thing that lots of my dreams go into where we're both trying to fake each other out without giving away our plans or admitting weakness. I'm trying to figure out how to get this folder to safety and get away from this guy and get me and my sister to safety. I'm trying to figure out how to get this guy to admit that he's an agent on camera and to protect the camera. I think about calling the "indymedia hotline" (which exists only in my wildest dreams) and getting a camera person there to protect me immediately. I know this guy can shoot me at any time and only a camera person can protect me, but will the camera person be protected?
Somehow I maneuver this guy into being on some security nut friend's surveillance camera (not played by anyone that I really know). While there's this tense conversation where I tell the guy he's on camera and he had better not fuck with us, the scene cuts to another secret agent sneaking into the apartment of the person with the camera. This agent keeps almost tripping some security measure or other but notices at the last second (e.g a beam across the room that she almost walks through, she uses an anti-beam thingy). My friend the security guy isn't there but this is like a little mini-battle of wits where this agent is trying to second guess all the precautions he's taken and he, when taking the precautions, was trying to guess what she'd expect and do. Somehow I think she (the agent) got foiled because something that she disabled actually enabled something else, don't remember the details.

So now I've got this guy on film that has been uploaded to the net. People are coming to rescue us. So at gunpoint he takes us to the bus station, which happens to also be where I had parked my car weeks ago when we arrived in this town. I make a break for my car because somehow it will help us but my shoe laces get caught on a nearby shrub. The car is completely overgrown in weeds as if it'd been sitting there for months and months. As I trip and fall I reach out for the car door to open it and it opens but then I have a feeling of dread because that means it's been unlocked all this time. Someone is probably living in it (don't know how I came to this conclusion). It is completely dark and I can't see inside the car or on top of it. I fall to the ground and hear a thump noise above me. And then I wake up.
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Ok. I get these Kucinich updates every day, and I don't share them with you all because it'd be lame to just post other people's words on my website over and over again but this one was particularly good, and as before, a few of you have expressed an interest in learning about Kucinich.
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5.-Dennis has a history of attracting swing voters and "Reagan Democrats" in winning elections against better-funded Republican opponents, it is Dennis Kucinich. He has repeatedly defeated entrenched incumbents. He beat a Republican incumbent for mayor in 1977, for state senator in 1994 (overcoming the national right-wing tide) and for Congress in 1996.

6.-Dennis' Congressional district includes the suburb of Parma, Ohio, described as "one of the original homes of the Reagan Democrats." An Ohio daily calls it a "conservative Democratic district," which he carried by 74% in 2002. Being a success there may be a better predictor of national success than holding statewide office in a liberal stronghold like Vermont or Massachusetts.
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