December 5th, 2003

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So at work last night they called an ALL STAFF MEETING for today at 11am. No one knows what it is all about. My biweekly 10am meeting got rescheduled so that it'd happen after the 11am meeting. I feel like maybe this is because our boss doesn't want to field questions about the ALL STAFF MEETING until after said meeting has happened. Will we all be fired? Will they announce that we're all getting raises and new hires to help out? Are they just gathering all 1000 of of us on 18 hours notice for a peptalk? Who knows?

Since my roomates took me out and boozed me up for my birthday last night, I'm pretty glad that I don't have to get my report written until 1pm today.
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How cliche

I'm so sure I just had a dream where three characters all reacted to a given fourth character in three different ways and they were effectively ego (played by me), superego, and id.

The fourth character represented this flirtatious temptation, sort of a sexual force of nature. The ego character was just kind of going with the flow of the situation trying to figure out what the right thing to do was from moment to moment as the situation developed. The id character came off as a sex obsessed shallow loser and the ego character was disgusted by him. The superego character made the ego character feel guilty about the consequences on other people's feelings, not just guilty if I took a particular action but guilty that the situation (not created by me) even existed.

Basically, the superego character got rejected by her, the ego character rejected her because of his friendship with the superego character, and the id character nearly got laid (off-camera) and talked about it in offensive terms incessantly afterwards. The reason the id character didn't get laid was because she, knowing he was an asshole and being in control of the situation, was just playing him, using him.

The unanswered question is how she would have treated ego had superego not been part of the equation and ego not rejected her?
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Things to whine and ramble about.

assclouds is going to have a great concert but it's all the way over there.

juvenilia is having a great party tonight but it is all the way back over around here.

I just realized that it is the 7 month anniversary of me not getting some. A comment posted elsewhere:
Wow that's weird, I just checked back in my journal to see if I had you beat, and not only do I have you beat but today is the exact 7 month anniversary of the beginning of my losing streak. Not that I've propositioned anyone during that time and been shut down, just that (barring wedding nookie that was never going to happen) I've not even had anyone to proposition. Now THAT is losing.

Everyone needs a few "get some consolation/comfort sex free" cards. We could throw them in a pot from time to time and get paired off and go at it. :)
I have a big WAY OVERDUE consulting project that I need to spend every waking daytime hour this weekend on so I can get it off my mind.

I have DSL to set up. I have an electrical circuit to install. I have 3 computers to turn into servers and add to my setup.

I have to decide between a coworker party and a winter feast tomorrow night. I have to decide between Sunday Sing and an activist video screening tomorrow.

I still have to write my FTAA writeup.

I still have to clean my room. I've declared it before but I made a public declaration at the bar with my roomates last night that I refuse to attempt to get any until I get it together enough to clean my room. How embarrassing would it be to hit on someone, succeed, and then have to take them home only to have them THEN run away. :)

I canceled (well just failed to schedule) all my birthday plans with my family for the weekend because of above mentioned busyness. I think I'll hopefully be hanging in Chambana every weekend until Xmas.

Good news: I sent emails to a few rock bands today in an attempt to create an inspiring party on New Year's Eve itself. How awesome would it be if I could get cool loud ass rock bands to cap off the 5 days of pre-NYE fun.
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whine resolution

Damnit. I'm sorry juvenilia and mythworker I can't come to the party tonight. I'm sorry assclouds I'm missing your concert tonight. I really wanted to do these things but I'm DAMNED sleepy and I know I won't have fun doing them and I'll be dead tomorrow. I need to go to bed, wake up and work on my contract work, and then clean my room. Not party all weekend.

I've got a whole week set aside for partying, later.
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