November 8th, 2003

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Hurray: The Ongoing Return of Old Friends

xymboulos came down to my folk show and stuck around for a few extra days because he had vacation this week. That was a most excellent surprise! I was kinda busy cause of the short notice but we got some quality hanging out in nonetheless and deaconobvious hooked him up with all kinds of cartoons and O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Let this be a lesson to you all: you should come visit Champaign-Urbana more often. Hang out with me. I come to Chicago (and Oregon) all the time, it's your turn. Be cool, like Jake, and visit me. You can bring your bike on the Amtrak, Jake did.

You could come see Hammel on Trial on Monday here if you were REALLY cool. (no, I didn't book the isn't an IMC show, it's a club show).
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bald australia sepia

My dreams are becoming too literal and realistic.

I dreamt that I went through a security checkpoint to get into the FTAA protest area in Miami. We went in through a back way where there were metal detectors but no one manning them so I managed to get a pair of wire cutters in.

There were a LOT of Amish people there and the event seemed more like a very laid back Farmer's Market (there were lots of people selling wooden crafts and things) than a heavily militarized protest against corporate globalization.

I was chatting with friends and just flippantly started bragging about how I'd gotten wire cutters in (even though our affinity group had agreed not to assault the multi-million dollar fence). I pulled them out and started demonstrating how easy it was to cut the nearby fence and my friends yelled at me that I shouldn't use those out in the open.

I realized how stupid I was being and tucked them into my armpit. I looked around casually to see if I'd been seen. An undercover cop who was right behind me talked into her ear piece calling in an arrest on me.

After a few tense minutes of walking around with these cutters only partly obscured in my armpit I finally had to relax and they showed for a second and I was then surrounded and asked "did you use wirecutters to cut that fence?" As I struggled with how to answer ("I want a lawyer." "Yes." "No." "Am I being arrested?" "Why do you support the oppression of your class?" *silence*) I woke up.
bald australia sepia

Holly update.

I just received an email from Holly. A friend of hers found this journal entry in a web search.

It turns out she got to the venue early and had a medical emergency and rushed to the ER (her baby was fine, as we all know now). After the fact, she thought that her manager had contacted me and that everything was taken care of on the communication front.

So, as I suspected, it was a emergency and a communication breakdown. Things were quite chaotic for them that night, I'm sure. I'm very glad to know that everything ended up ok.

I hope my experience didn't contribute negatively to anyone's perceptions of Holly. She's awesome. Her email was very apologetic and explanatory and I feel really bad that she got so sick before the show and I'm really glad she and her baby ended up ok. Things just got messed up with communications. It happens.