October 26th, 2003

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Dreaming of Homophobia

I dreamt that I was walking down a dark ally with a friend just shooting the shit. I happened to mention to her, as part of a longer conversation, that I once kissed a guy for $2 (*). As I said this this big tough guy with lots of badass tattoos comes walking down the street towards us. He overhears nothing from our conversation except "I once kissed a guy for $2" and he suddenly gets hyper-aggressive with us. He's clearly trying to pick a fight, he clearly wants to beat the snot out of me.

I try to smooth the moment over by being humble and telling him I meant no offense and I extend my hand to shake his. He freaks out about the fact that I "tried to touch him" as if the touch of this theoretical "gay prostitute" was going to infect him with cooties. He starts throwing punches (apparently fists are immune in a way that a handshake is not) and I start blocking but not fighting back. It is a surprise to me in the dream but I turn out to be really good at blocking punches. As we are sparring like this I am working up my pacifist resolve and let him know about it. No matter how much damage he does to me I will not fight back, all responsibility will lay upon him. I screw up the courage to take a hit if one gets through because I know one will.

Then out of no where someone grabs me from behind and puts a gun to my head and cocks it, my friend and I scream, I feel a moment of debilitating fear and then I wake up.

* I've told this story at least twice in the last couple of days which is probably why it was on my dream mind: At Grrrlfest, the male guitar player of one of the bands said that we could get $2 off of their CD if we gave him a kiss (he of course said this to a predominantly female crowd since it was Grrrlfest). He didn't expect anyone to take him up on it, but at the end of the show there was a small line of boys and girls wanting to buy the CD for $2 off. He was pretty embarrassed so we all gave him pecks on the cheek and paid full price anyway.
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Have Grievances, Will Travel

I don't think I do, but do I by any chance have any Internet friends or friends of friends in Miami who can provide housing for 3-6 people on the nights of November 19, 20, and 21 (1 week before thanksgiving).

Also, do I have any Illinois/Wisconsin/Iowa friends who are interested in joining a caravan to Miami.

My affinity group will not be taking any high levels of risk. We will not be actively engaging in specific direct actions (such as attempting to breach the fence), we will instead be going as journalists to witness and document the protest and to provide support services (such as medic and runner services). There are however some risks this year anyway because the Miami police have promised to be as fascist, brutal, and preemptive in their response as possible (which to me is all the more reason that I have to go and peacefully assemble and demonstrate).
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All Saints Party

So, if we throw a party at our place on Saturday, November 1st who will be there?

I'm thinking we should do a potluck thang, play some music, play some pingpong, play some games. Have one room for dancing and music listening and another room for game playing, and have all rooms for getting intoxicated.

Though I'd also be interested in a Sushi run in lieu of the potluck. There's even a local place that has lots of non-sushi Thai and Korean and Japanese goodness.

It could be your last chance to hang out with us before me and one of my roommates get incarcerated for life in Miami.
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