October 17th, 2003


The Jacket

You people only made fun of my tie because you hadn't seen a picture of my jacket! :)

I found it at the local vintage clothes store and it fits me PERFECTLY. People at the wedding said "ya, it 'fits' you alright."
bald australia sepia

I'm a sucker for praise.

arohanui find these words beautiful and encouraging. *blush*

No need to remember Reagan. Just look at whatever American politics one IS able to remember and see his shadow cast over it all. Reagan changed everything and it never changed back.

But if some asshole leaders were able to crush idealism, there never would be any in the first place. My idealism, at least, comes from a believe that it is possible to change the world for the better on a local community level and that if lots and lots of communities did this on their own then the evil leaders would become largely irrelevent. My idealism comes from a belief that although we have been fighting for a long long time, we've had some victories and success stories from time to time and inevitably, one day, we will shut those assholes down.

Maybe it'll take generations but really the struggle itself is more inspiring to me than sucking it up and taking the beating.
mu zen

Just like every other wannabe Zenster....

...someday I would like to be able to honestly say:
I can tell you with no ego that this is my finest [work]. If you should encounter God, God will be [affected].

Really to be able to say anything positive with no ego (and the true knowledge that there is no ego) would be a nice step.

Sonny Chiba is a serious badass. I have got to go watch some of his old movies. I've never seen an old school martial arts movie. I never thought I'd really want to.