October 6th, 2003

bald australia sepia

Dreams of Science and Adventure

I (not really me) am the son of a television producer/mad scientist (not played by my real dad, just an off screen dream extra). For some kind of reality TV show he has created an all powerful android person, which of course ends of going totally awry and berserk. Once the android is subdued it is stored at the television studio which the police evacuate and quarantine.

During the evacuation I notice a "janitor" walking off with a huge bulge in his outfit, he has the android's body slung over his shoulder under his shirt. Something about the scene is very The Far Side.

Somehow I realize not only that he is stealing the android but that he plans to study it in order to make an artificial person out of human parts, a frankenstein monster of android technology and human parts.

I track him to see where he goes. When we eventually get to an empty space he disappears and sneaks up behind me (sans body under his shirt). A fight ensues.

We both jump into these space capable flying machines. The machines are these very complex shapes that fold. They are very much like those toys that fold down into 3-D stars and fold out into spheres (websearching reveals that these are called Hoberman spheres). These are just like those lots of hinged elements of many colors linked together and changing shape as part of the piloting mechanism.

We chase each other through all of known space and into multiple universes doing battle.

Finally we land in a swamp and in a final show down (of words) he convinces me to join his revolution against the television/madscience empire of my father.

In a later, unrelated, dream I am grocery shopping with some friend and we both choose to fly/swim through the air rather than just walking. It was very natural to just float up into the air but I had some problem with over estimating how much lift I had so when trying to fly over people's heads I'd bump them a little bit. Then I "wake up" and in a meta dream debate the mechanics of dream flying (conclusion: it works because if you arch your back you create wing like lift, if you don't arch your back it doesn't work, if you wear an untucked t-shirt you can't fly because it ruins the aerodynamics). Having solved the physics of dream flying to our satisfaction we also point out that it would have been impossible to push the (still on the gruond) shopping carts while we were flying (but maybe we had ropes tied to them and we towed them).