August 10th, 2003

bald australia sepia

Stacyann rocks.

So the Rumor's of Staceyann Chin's temper were COMPLETELY unfounded. She was AWESOME. She was kind. She was pleasant to work with. Her performance was an intense rollercoaster of emotion that really shook people up (in a good way). I've never seen anything like it.

But the people that told me she might just refuse to perform or that she'd break things or that she'd be rude to her audience were all completely wrong.

I think she must have been having a particularly bad week when she performed at Allen Hall.

Staceyann's performance was very unrehearsed, with a few false starts, and some fumbling through papers looking for things to read, and a few sudden endings as she realized she'd misread something and just gave up. I actually think it was really cool that a Broadway and HBO star who tours internationally and performs in front of crowds of thousands could be so unpolished. And when she hit it she REALLY hit it. DAMN.

We hit our capacity of 49 people. We gave free popsicles to everyone in the crowd and everyone was quite happy. Doria rocked everyone's world once again. Zowie.

So please, stop that rumor train from a rollin'. Staceyann Chin is not a liability to book. At least she didn't seem like it on this night.