August 7th, 2003

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Oo. Posting a Todo list is a good idea:

Change cable to be billed in my name
Put up more posters for Doria/Staceyann show
Meet with Strawberry Fields about sponsoring IMCfest
Prepare to host Sunday Sing (get food, make food, get songbooks)
Contact Brian Knox about sound for IMCfest
Contact CPD about showmobile for IMCfest
Contact portapotty people about IMCfest cans
Submit permit application to city for IMCfest
Schmooze with local politicians about the permit application
Apply to IMC Global for emergency funds
Apply to Robeson for emergency funds
Apply to Peace Development Fund for emergency funds
Create business plan for Groogroo webhosting expansion
Submit proposal for contract work to USGS
Get a credit card
Rent a car for UP Michigan vacation
Confirm 20 bands for IMCfest
Create IMCfest brochure
clean my laundry, folk it, put it away
move in 2 new roomates
organize room
throw a garage sale
organize open stage at Channing-Murray
organize a joint C-M/IMC fundraiser event, possibly a reunion concert of old channing-murray performers
buy groceries
finish debugging the DSL problems
acquire and evaluate secondary DSL provider with SDSL capability (McLeod)
update wireless node and configure firewall
run full server backups
refinance mortgage
schedule appointment for wisdom teeth removal
publicize Adam Brodsky show on August 25
fix stats on server
build coalition in preparation for Gill Foundation grant application
install Office on IMC workstation
process audio from past IMC bootlegs
create IMCfolk mix CDs and distribute far and wide
produce IMCfolk piece for IMC radio news
start attending Urbana City Council meetings and decide whether or not I want to run against my current alderperson in 2005
fix my parent's CD-R drive
help get my dad's CD finished
send copies of bootlegs out to people that I've promised them to
hit up some friends for Capital Campaign money

oh maybe I should go to sleep now rather than continue this list....dang.
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Upcoming Shows

Advance warning to friends of upcoming shows that I've booked:

August 25 - Adam Brodsky
August 30 - IMCfest
September 5 - Prince Myshkins (tentative)
October 1 - Beth Amsel (tentative)
October 4 - James O'Brien (tentative)
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Gallagher for Governor

I swear we are living in The Onion for real now.

There are going to be nearly 400 people on the ballot for Governor in California, listed in random order. And whoever gets the most votes wins. So like someone could theoretically get 0.3% of the vote and be the next governor of California.

This is absolute madness.

I hope Gallagher wins. The system deserves it.