July 22nd, 2003

bald australia sepia


I dreamed I was part of a band of wannabe spies or detectives or something. We were pretty bumbling. This may have been several separate dreams as the cast seemed to shift but they flowed together.

First we broke into a department store after all the employees left. While we were in there we didn't know why we were there. Were we going to steal something? It was exciting because we had to move fast and with precision but precision is impossible without a plan and we didn't have one. We heard some noises from one of the rooms and realized that two employees were still there. We were freaked out but then we realized they were deaf employees and couldn't hear us. Then somehow we discovered that this store was actually exploiting/enslaving deaf people. We let the people who were trapped in the other room out and took some evidence and then trashed the place to hide which evidence we'd taken and make it look like just common vandals had been there (which is basically what we started out as).

Then there's like 7 of us piled into a tiny little pickup truck tooling down the highway. I'm not driving and as is usual in real life I'm freaked out that we're going to crash. As I watch in the lane next to us an old beat up car just casually (and seemingly purposely) drives off the side of the highway which is a huge drop off as we're on a very tall overpass. A bunch of us are grief stricken at having seen this casually gruesome scene. We see other weird things as we drive too like a huge whirlpool of flood water, like it's going really fast down a drain.

We pull into an alley and meet with this british cop (are they called "bobbies"? or was that just in my dream? dressed in that poncho and funny round topped hat that at least in the world of cliche they all wear). The cast is now me and two other IMCstas. We have this gigantic grilling device that we had been using but then we were told the way we were using it was illegal. We had to get it filled with approved cooking water by a cop and the cop has to light it as well. So the cop pulls out this high pressure hose and starts filling this huge caldron with water. First he dumps out the contents. We had a bunch of red hot (recently burning) wood logs and some half-cooked beef in there (like a whole side of beef cut up into strips). Apparently this thing was a smoker and we were using it to smoke the beef, it really confused me why filling it with water was the right and legal thing to do. After he fills it with water he says we can just put the logs and beef back in there. It doesn't make any sense to me that that would be at all healthy (or even effective) but the two people with me insist that it'll cook great now that the grill is up to code.
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