June 30th, 2003

bald australia sepia

Theatrical Dream

I had a lengthy dream about trying out for a play that would be in a theater festival here on campus. My dad was trying out to perform the music. The dream just went on and on with working out all the mundane details of when rehearsals were, when I'd find out who I was cast as, where I could get a full copy of the script. There was nothing either surreal or psychological about this dream (other than I guess the theme of the dream being that I couldn't ever tell whether I was completely disorganized and not getting it or if the casting director was disorganized and not getting it).

The soundtrack to the dream (my dad's music) was awesome.
bald australia sepia

Will I ever be a Doctor?

this post got me thinking...

I still feel quite guilty about the fact that I was the only kid in my sixth grade class who raised a hand when they asked "how many of you want to get a Ph.D."

I was such a good and proper geek. Now I'm such a disappointment to Wauconda's educational system!

I think if I ever go to grad school, deep down, it'll be just to satisfy that guilt.

Ever since I have been away from the academic world I really feel my brain atrophying. Maybe it's just age. Or overload. I used to be so much smarter than I am now. I'm such a disappointment to every adult who ever said I was a bright kid.