June 23rd, 2003

bald australia sepia

Three dreams from last night.

The first dream is set high up in a castle in some fantasy setting. The dream opens on a group of people who rule this kingdom. They are a cruel and aloof bunch obsessed with the extravagance of court life. They are also super-powered (some of them even have disheveled costumes). Their kingdom below is a shambles as they've basically turned their back on it. I am a visiting ambassador or something because in the conflict that follows I don't seem to have a clear side.

In the midst of some inane thing that the monarch has ordered his courtly subjects to do a commotion starts up in the hallway outside. Suddenly a group of unknown people burst inside wearing brightly colored but fairly plain clothes (I was just starting to read Ecotopia before I fell asleep and I think these people are modeled after the Ecotopians). The people move in and declare that this is a take over. They have overpowered all the guards below the tower and there are many of them. The ruling class is forced to resign and cede power to these rebels.

The rebels say they are not there to take power but to give it to the people. They are interested in consensus based governance. They start planning a grand meeting wherein all the people of the land will have a say in how society will now be structured. But their talk is interupted by a magical communication from someone trapped deep in the dungeon.

Apparently this guy is an evil (or perhaps just insane) wizard long imprisoned by the old regime. Somehow since they were deposed his bonds were released. He has vowed vengeance on the kingdom and the rebels try to explain that this is no longer the same kingdom. And he says "It is too late for your excused for I have opened the pit of Mordor". (Now this name is clearly plagarism but it's a totally unrelated use of the word as you'll see in a minute). One of the old regime people who is in the room explains that that would be a foolish revenge because once open the pit will start to ooze out an ever expanding goo that will eventually envelop the kingdom, the planet, the universe. Drowning all, ending existence. The wizard shrugs that he didn't realize that, he thought it was all just myth and that actually some power came from the pit that he could control. He is then enveloped by the ooze.

Immediately the new regime convenes a meeting to discuss. They call for the old regime people to be released as their skills will be neccessary in confronting this common foe. Because I am a neutral party I am declared facilitator and given the special rope which denotes that I'll be empowered to speak for the collective. I start out by opening the floor to suggestions for plans. Each person suggests that maybe their particular superpower (e.g. Heat) could help and each is in turn shut down by a cynical remark about how that would never help against infinitely expanding ooze. The room falls quiet and there are no more suggestions. Nervous because my character has never facilitated a meeting before the rebels are all about to jump in and make a procedural recommendation but I know what to do. I ask everyone to break down into small discussion groups. I request that the groups be 3-4 in size and be made up of people who don't normally work together. We'll report back in 5 minutes.
A cynical character played by Clint is the background smirking at the fact that we're using this consensus based meeting structure to figure out how to prevent the end of the world. I give him a good stare back because I know that as inefficient as this is it is the only way to simultaneously tap into everyones creativity and it is clear that no one person has the answer.

Outside the door the ooze can be seen climbing up the stairs of the tower.

Throughout the dream there was this girl (not sure which group she was with) that would make flirty eyes with me and then we'd get lost in kissing. And I'd feel guilty that we weren't addressing the crisis at hand and that everyone in the room was looking but the world was ending and it really nice comfortable kissing.

Eventually as no one has a solution to this end of the world problem the ooze gets up to our feet and up to our ankles and up to our knees. Most people are pretty resigned. A few people take it upon themselves to tell me that I shouldn't get close to the girl I keep kissing because it'll only end badly if we all survive the end of the world. I think one of the two is actually just jealous. The other one is legitimately concerned (but also fooling himself about whether it matters).

Then...the ooze stops rising. And we at first wonder why. And we think we are saved. Then we look out the windows and realize that in rising the ooze enveloped the entire surface of the earth up to the level of our knees in this high tower. So all the people (except I suppose those living on mountains) are dead and we are trapped in the castle. And the dream fades out cinematically on that note of uncertainty. Will the ooze rise again? Will it recede? Can humanity be rebuilt from this rag tag bunch of super powered hippies and despots?


In this dream I'm working in some corporate type offices. I run across this strange vaguely apocalyptic poem and I start writing it on little slips of paper all over the place. Kind of as a joke, like wouldn't it be weird if people found this poem in this strange place or that strange place.

Later I'm in an antique shop with a friend (girlfriend?) and we find this very strange box with intricate carvings. Something about the box seems very powerful. When we buy it the storekeeper warns us never to open it, ever. We don't believe a word of it. As soon as we get home, again as a joke, we light a bunch of candles, play some spooky music, and open the box. As soon as the box is opened there is a bright flash. As we regain eyesight we see inside the box each of the 4 corners has a number and above the number there are like 8 more smaller numbers. Each number has a segment, like a wooden button. The numbers above one of the corners depress themselves on by one like once every minute or so. Each button pressing is accompanied by a bright flash. Finally when they are all pressed nothing more seems to be happening but I am drawn by curiousity to press the corner button. When I do suddenly flames appear above the box and we put them out but then when we look around we see random small fires all over the apartment. They are all the poems I'd been writing. Everywhere where those words appeared burst into flames. Suddenly i flashed to all the garbage cans at work and the dump where some trash had been taken. So many places could be on fire now because of me. I had to get to the office and put them out.

Dream faded out with a dramatic pan/zoom on the box emphasizing that there were still three more corner buttons and that the mini buttons above the second corner had already started falling.


I'm walking down the sidewalk and a drunk goes speeding by wildly in a car. I jump out of the way and continue walking. A while later a cop catches up with me and yells at me for being drunk on the sidewalk. Insists that he's going to have my license taken away so I'll never be able to drive again. I try to explain to him that I hadn't been driving, that I wasn't drunk, and asking how it is possible that a cop could take a license away from a walking person who had done nothing wrong. He said something about how I was wasting precious state resources by arguing with him, that I'd been reported as dead by the distrought drunk driver who thought he had hit me earlier. Since I wasn't dead, I must be drunk and so I had to lose my license.
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bald australia sepia


This weekend was pretty much awesome.

After the awesome concert we had a great big 11 person dinner at Fiesta Cafe. When we woke up on Sunday we ate apple pancakes with 12 people, had a big ping pong tourney with my family. Then my parents headed home and we played frisbee and then we went to the pool and played on the diving boards for a while. Then after a brief capital campaign meeting I hung out at Sunday Sing and had a great time with those folks.

I got to spend good laid back relaxation time with my sister, my parents, and Don all centered around a great fun folk show. God I'm still buzzed from the happiness of it all.

Of course today it's back into the bad habit of oversleeping and not getting into work and having too many conflicting "must do" projects scheduled.
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